The Search for Simplicity: Corporate Communication Trends in 2023

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“Back to basics”—seeking simplicity—seems to be the safest response in times of uncertainty. It’s not that it’s easier to keep things simple or avoid the risks of innovation. On the contrary, recent IT advances demonstrate that the innovations with the most impact tend to arise from what is easiest to understand. This is no different in the world of communication, particularly for business strategies.

Keeping this in mind, we  simplified the number of trends so that they could be counted on just one hand. These four trends range from learning how to do more with fewer resources to consolidating factors that have been posing challenges -such as political polarization and opportunities for corporate communication- transforming the in-person communication experience.

There is no denying that 2023 will affect all managers and companies  in different ways. However, challenges like the global recession, inflation, political instability, and the supply chain crisis will undoubtedly affect all of us. 

We brought together specialists from four different countries, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico to narrow and pin down four trends that reflect a global reality, focusing particularly on Iberoamerica. Based on their viewpoints, we looked into 12 key issues that were then discussed, analyzed from an international perspective, and refined to be presented in the form of the trends. The purpose of this exercise was to provide comprehensive action plans suitable for companies with different profiles and realities.