Has the role and importance of creativity changed in the development of strategies and the
focus of businesses in recent years? This new international study that LLYC presents with the
aim of seeing the opinion of marketing professionals and their organizations in response to the
role of creativity in businesses stems from this question. 

More than 100 marketing executives from leading companies in 12 markets (Argentina, Brazil,
Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, the Dominican Republic and
the United States) have taken part in this special report from NXT in MKT that analyzes the
importance of creativity and its impact on businesses.

Has the importance of creativity in your strategies increased in the opinion of marketing
executives? On which marketing disciplines does it have the greatest impact and how? Who are
your ideal partners? In which technological innovations that impact marketing do you feel that
creativity has the most importance? What are the essential values of your team to develop
creativity? What obstacles do you come across? Which brands do you admire for their creativity?
If you want to see the answers to all these questions and discover various case studies in which
creativity has been key, you should download this report.