Twitter. The Backbone of Crisis Communication

Interpersonal networking is the recommendation. Virality of prescription. Shared content. Hoaxes and rumors. All these elements which form the digital network with Twitter as its backbone, have ultimately changed the paradigm of communication. The triangle of fire of crisis’ communication has transformed into a tetrahedron where the million conversations that take place across the network have become the hardest element to control, as well as the influence of the nodes that speak both within and outside of the organizations.

Data analysis, big data and artificial intelligence will be crucial in the coming years in order to meet the huge challenge that preserving and enhancing the reputation of brands, organizations and people will entail. It already was quite risky to drive without an analog seat belt; now it is almost suicidal to do it without a digital airbag which, at least, might grant us the chance to avoid sinking in the stormy waters of the Internet. An ocean in which the media sails in order to fish their daily news.

Luis Serrano, Director of the Crisis Communication Department of LLORENTE & CUENCA Spain

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