UNO#22 Litigations, communication and reputation

The relations between companies and citizenship have changed. Increasingly, companies are submerging in a new environment where the power of society is growing and asking for more responsibility and transparency in the companies’ acts. This requirement acquires even greater relevance for those natural and legal persons enduring a litigation process.

In this scenario, companies are being controlled by both, regulatory institutions and citizenship. This “permanent scrutiny” forces organizations to be adapted to these requirements in order to assure the continuity of relations based on trust as well as to ensure the business continuity. Thus, almost on a daily basis, we see on the media reference to the so-called “litigation process”, which shows a correct management of the relationship with society and with all the litigations that a firm might have to face is key to preserve the company’s reputation.

In this UNO#22 we try to analyze and debate not only about the litigation management in corporations but also its influence on the relation with citizens.

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Luis Miguel Peña, Senior Director of Litigations Area at LLORENTE & CUENCA Spain