UNO #26: The ruling classes and people power

In light of globalization and continuous changes occurring nowadays companies, institutions and politicians are becoming more vulnerable to the public opinion and its demands. Transparency appears to be now citizenship’s priority that with great fullness have radically changed the course of countries and thus, the world through demonstrations and electoral power.

Recent events have shown that this change process continues to surprise many and have shaken everything that was taken for granted: peace referendum in Colombia, Donald Trump’s victory as president of the USA, historical Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment, Brexit, among others.

In this UNO edition these trends causes and consequences will be analyzed, as well as the new people’s power.  Also, the importance of constant search for transparency by the civil society and how does this affect the ruling classes change within their actions and societies. UNO is seeking to provide the full global panorama of new politics, new rhetoric –or lack of them– and the new public power as a new force of change.

We cordially invite you to read this UNO edition in Spanish, English and Brazilian Portuguese.

Claudio Ramírez, partner and managing director for LLORENTE & CUENCA Chile

José Isaías Rodríguez, senior advisor of LLORENTE & CUENCA