UNO33. The impact of exponential technologies on communication

UNO33 The impact of exponential technologies on communication reflects on our sector’s challenges in the face of a VUCA world, one where exponential technologies are revolutionizing the ways we communicate and make decisions. In this new reality, marked by constant innovation, we have new challenges to address and blind spots we must keep in mind.

In the words of Jose Antonio Llorente, Founding Partner of LLYC, “in this 33rd issue of our magazine UNO, readers will find a varied arsenal of approaches and perspectives on how technology aids and defends us, as well as how it sometimes threatens, challenges and makes us leave our comfort zones, defined as what is known and familiar.”

In Madrid on Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2019, Andrés Pedreño, Chairman of Ityis, 1MillionBot and founder of
Torre Juana Open Space Technology; Pablo Gonzalez, CEO & Founder of Trivu.; Daniel Fernandez Trejo, Technology Director at LLYC; and Silvia Abaladejo, Chief Data Scientist at Datajuicers, will present themselves alongside Iván Pino, Partner and Senior Director of LLYC’s Digital Area in Madrid.

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