Why making people feel good is important: Moving from purpose-driven to human-centric companies

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Anyone working for a brand, organization or company will likely be familiar with the concept of being “customer-centric.” However, you may have noticed that this concept is gradually giving way to a more “human-centric” approach.

Older generations may recall that prior to being “centric” there was an emphasis on “purpose.” Brands with a purpose approach gained momentum in the first decade of the 2000s. During this time, consumers began to demand more government-like social and environmental responsibilities from companies.

Before the “purpose” approach, a brand was expected to deliver what it promised in terms of product and service at an acceptable price, when possible. Today, we also demand transparency in the production process and treatment of the environment. We even want to know more about a company’s organizational culture.

However, it didn’t end with a brand’s commitment to contribute to society and have a positive impact on the planet. Brands went further in their approach to consumers. In the wake of “purpose,” a more “customer-centric” strategy took root, putting customers squarely in the center. In a sense, developing a better understanding of consumers in order to design solutions that better suit their needs.

We’ve reached another level in the relationships between companies and people. This new level centers around being “human centric.” The concept is both simple and impressive, basically defined as making people feel good.

The Human Centered Design concept was developed by IDEO in 2009. It encompasses a methodology that places an emphasis on users, their needs and expectations, while considering the human element. The concept begins by understanding an audience and results in solutions tailored to meet the audience’s needs.

Taking customers on a journey rather than a sales funnel means placing people before products. Also, making someone feel good means first getting to know them. Getting to know someone means understanding what concerns they have and how to resolve these issues. Essentially, analysis. In 2023, data is the most sophisticated way to achieve insights beyond intuition, leading to a greater probability of success.