Navigating conversations in a highly polarized society

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We live in a polarized society, addicted to conflict. Now more than ever, people tend to reaffirm their own beliefs, even when faced with evidence to the contrary. In a world where incendiary statements have overtaken the conversation, polarization prevents people from reaching consensus and common ground, driving “cancel culture” and fake news. Companies, brands, and political institutions are vulnerable to the public’s polarized and potentially distorted perspectives, which jeopardizes their reputations to the point of losing their social license to operate. The society they strive to connect with is deeply divided – and, therefore, so is their vision of right and wrong. The public as a whole now oscillates between total loyalty and outspoken hostility, with little in-between.

Our focus.

Data Analytics. Use AI-based solutions, social media listening, and community analysis to find spaces to build relationships or identify areas with less polarization overall. This can help determine the best social conversations in which to place content, implement flagship projects, and more.


Influencer marketing. Use technology to identify the key people capable of influencing and changing how their communities behave, then plan how to integrate them into the strategy.


Proactive risk management. Turn potential conversational risks into opportunities for positive conversations.