Turning transformation into a reputational asset

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What are organizations in the middle of their own transformation processes actually facing? And how can we turn this transformation process into a reputational asset? For this journey to be successful, we must listen to stakeholders first – and that means properly establishing a starting point.
Companies must create narratives that generate trust and closeness and share simple, understandable content without losing sight of their ultimate goal: Creating a sense of pride in helping them achieve success. In other words, they must turn their transformation process into a key asset.

Our focus.

Internal and external listening. Use AI and qualitative analysis tools to understand each phase of the transformation process and the opportunities it creates.


Stakeholder storytelling. Analyze risks and opportunities, then assess them through the lens of different stakeholders to create narratives that offer clear, specific value connected to the company transformation process.


Advocacy programs. Improve the transformation process’ credibility, with a special focus on employees.


Flagship campaigns. Activate company purpose and use creativity to generate waves of positive conversation.