The contribution of Colombian companies to sustainable development

The current social context (unemployment, inequity…) poses great challenges for today’s governments and companies. The business world can enhance this environment and create a better context to do business, which will subsequently result in a better productivity and an improved lifestyle. How can this be achieved? With sustainable development policies.

Implementing sustainable development within companies generates a synergy with the society and the intrinsic obligations of the State; carrying out joint efforts with these players must be part of the organizational culture, of the decisions of the company and its business model. This will foster the environmental, social and economic growth of the country.

This increasingly necessary reality for Colombia is covered in the article “The Contribution of Colombian Companies to Sustainable Development” which I have drafted in collaboration with Ana María Ospina; a useful text to understand the importance of sustainable development and the ways to achieve it.

We hope you enjoy reading this document.

Paola Gómez, Manager of LLORENTE & CUENCA in Colombia

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