The Debate on the future of Energy Shale Gas

The energy debate in Spain has been a controversial debate in recent years. One of the most important and polemic points has been the lack of own resources to produce energy. The energy reform has reduced the subsidies for renewable energies and national coal. The need to find new sources of energy that are both cheap and sustainable has increased the interest of certain corporations to explore, and where possible, exploit unconventional gas deposits in Spain.

At the same time, environmentalist and neighborhood associations have mobilized to highlight the risks that fracking entails, a method of extracting unconventional gas.

Political parties have gradually positioned either for or against fracking. In some cases, internal differences have led to prohibitionist regional laws which have been appealed by the Central Government before the Constitutional Court.

In this context, we have developed this report with the help of expert Alicia Richart in order to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of carrying out this technique or discarding its use. The Communication and Public Affairs strategies used by advocates and opponents are crucial to understand the decisions that the Central Government will make.

Cristóbal Herrera, Manager for Public Affairs in LLORENTE & CUENCA Spain

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