What are Europeans talking about?

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This report, prepared by LLYC’s Deep Learning and European Affairs teams, analyses the digital conversation on the social network X (formerly Twitter) over the last year in 9 Member States (Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Romania) and 10 languages on the following six topics of European relevance: foreign policy and defence, enlargement and neighbourhood, strategic autonomy, rule of law and populism, competitiveness and the fight against climate change. In total, almost one million profiles and more than 17 million messages have been analysed.

Ahead of decisive European elections and as the EU faces increasing external challenges, our aim was to identify which issues are of higher interest for EU citizens and which is the prevailing sentiment towards them. In addition, the conversation at national level has been compared with that of the “Eurobbuble” (the mostly Brussels-based community working and expressing opinions on European issues) in order to identify possible divergences between the two groups