The story behind Presidente Studio

The increased interaction with our consumers, through increasingly immediate and interactive channels, challenges us to redefine the way we design strategies. We need to continue to talk about our brands, but we must go beyond the qualities of our product and go deeper into emotions.

Facing this, marketers have the mission to strengthen this engagement by being part of the routine, ideas and preferences of our consumers. They must feel us as part of their lives and their leisure time. It is here where entertainment is fundamental, even more so in brands with great acceptance, as is the case of Presidente beer, the most consumed beer by Dominicans and a country brand.

Clearly, there was a milestone point: the routine that the pandemic imposed on us. Brands needed to stay alive at a time when the world was thinking of other priorities. In parallel, there was also the desire and need for the entertainment of quarantined people.

In the case of Presidente, it was in this period where we started with projects of this type, which allowed us to gain a space in streaming. These first dynamics were fundamental for what we have been achieving with Presidente Studio. Currently,the largest platform for the promotion of new musical talent where our consumers, through our own digital channels and open television, are present. The project registered more than 18 thousand entries, of which 100 were pre-selected and 50 entered the competition.

The interaction with the platform already showed important indicators. For example, 28 days after its launch, the platform had already registered five million views, which means that the efforts were already entering the monetization phase. In a country of 11 million inhabitants, this is a clear success for the brand, and we are already working on new projects of this type. Additionally, the success of the platform has attracted the attention of international platforms such as Billboard and Rolling Stone.

Marketers have the mission to strengthen this engagement by being part of the routine, ideas and preferences of our consumers


Noelia MerejoGerente de Marca Presidente