2024 Corporate Affairs Forecast: Corporate activism in the face of adversity

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    IT and Communications
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Uncertainty will be the main concern for companies in 2024. The era of certainties has disappeared, and the world’s leading analysts have confirmed this trend. LLYC’s Flash Survey, with opinions from 91 CEOs and other senior managers in Spain and Latin America, as well as the Deep Survey shared with 100 senior business managers via an online panel, revealed that geopolitical factors, artificial intelligence, and polarization will have an impact on talent, consumers, and social issues. Given the current challenges, companies must adopt resilient strategies and engage in purpose-driven activism.

  • Trend 1
    From geopolitics to geo-economics.
  • Trend 2
    AI Integration everywhere.
  • Trend 3
    Managing polarization.
  • Trend 4
    Talent managers’ new commitment.
  • Trend 5
    Empowering consumers.
  • Trend 6
    Addressing the climate crisis.
  • Trend 7
    Business resilience for survival.
  • Trend 8
    Activist CEOs.

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