2024 Forecast marketing: Connecting amid ever-changing times

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This report delves into the challenges facing marketing executives in 2024. How will the employees’ work and productivity change? What are the potential new priorities and concerns that they may have? How will they adapt to their environment?

The marketing industry is always in a state of flux. Consumers’ demands always seem ahead of the curve, and companies and organizations must keep up. This report provides insights into upcoming trends and challenges impacting the marketing world.

Marketers are offering increasingly extensive “full-funnel” solutions that aim to meet clients’ needs across all stages of their journey. Paradoxically, this pursuit of an end-to-end experience seems to be itself endless, posing a constant challenge for the industry.

The 2024 Marketing Forecast covers new developments, possible transformations in work, and the impact on the market and consumers.

Now, the post-crisis era is beginning to materialize, showing us that nothing will be stable or permanent. Technology will play a major role, as digital advances are accelerating “transhumanism” and AI continues to expand and enhance the “humanization” of people.

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